Want Your Reusable Bags To Dry Completely? A Reddit User Has A Fun Hack For You

Reusable bags are a good choice for the environment. Not only do they keep your food packed air-tight, they also take up relatively less storage space in your cabinets unlike plastic food boxes. While these bags are environmentally safe, cleaning and drying them well can often be a bit of a struggle. Not any longer though! A Reddit user posted an ingenious hack to dry your reusable bags completely after washing them using a pair of spring loaded kitchen tongs. The post led to some funny banter in the comments section with some users appreciating the fun hack and a few others suggesting alternate solutions.

The user who goes by the name ‘Alaorath’ posted an image of an upside-down reusable bag with a pair of tongs inside it holding it open to let the bag dry over the kitchen sink. The Reddit post was captioned, “Use your spring-loaded salad tongs to keep your reusable bags open as they dry,” and received 95 per cent upvotes.

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Many users also dropped funny comments, with one of them saying, “Because I recently bought some tongs and, aside from clicking them in readiness, I want to expand their portfolio of uses,” wrote a user who goes by the name ‘Henddo’.

Another user, ‘North-Tumbleweed-512′, asked, “My first quest was, why not invert the bag, dry it with a wash cloth let it rest for an hour and then invert it and out it away.”

A few others suggested just hanging the bag upside down or drying it with a cloth. “You can also just dry them with a dish towel once inside out,” wrote ‘wyliekyote’.

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Looking for more ways to use your pair of kitchen tongs? We have a list of five surprising ways you can use this handy kitchen tool other than just serving food. From cooking or boiling noodles, to picking packets stored at a height, just grab a pair of tongs and put them to good use. Check them out here.

Let us know what you think of this fun hack in the comments below.

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