Sunday Zodiac: Here’s how each zodiac sign can make the most of the day

We all have days that demand a lot from us in terms of our mental energy. Instead of giving up and feeling frustrated and irritated, one should try to keep their mind cool. To help you out, we have Pandit Jagannath GuruJi, astrologer, prophesier, and philanthropist who shares how this Sunday will pan out for each zodiac sign, and what we can do to make the most of it.


You will feel happy today as it will be easy for you to get along well with the people. You will come across as a kind, and generous person and many people will seek your advice. Lighthearted communication will spread more joy.


You will find yourself focused on your career goals. Your work is all you will think about today. Your intuition will be very strong, and you must listen to it in all matters.


You may feel you are wasting too much time or have wasted too much time. There is an urge to make a decision that has been pending for a long time now. Go deeper in details to come closer to your decision and make up your mind.

We all have days that demand a lot from us in terms of our mental energy. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)


People around you may irritate you to the point you feel the need to push them away. Patience is the key here, and you must practise it no matter what. Meditation and a walk in a park will help calm the mind.


Romance is in the air for you. You will feel an uncontrollable attraction towards the person you love. Maybe you need to communicate your feelings in a balanced way so the other person must not feel smothered by how you are feeling.


Rely on technology or gadgets to do your work at a fast speed. You will learn something new today that you will carry with you for a very long time.


Today is an enjoyable day for you, and you will be feeling very positive all day long. Many women and old female colleagues may interact with you, and you will be surprised by a female today.


Insecurities may be making you feel dull and preventing you from taking any action. You need to be optimistic and motivate yourself to deal with the situation. You can overcome anything with your willpower and intelligence.


Anger and frustrations have made their way to settle in your head. Everything seems off, and you may experience mood swings. You must recite peaceful mantras, prayers and meditate to keep your calm.


Financial matters will be a concern. You will feel an urge to make financial plans and stick with spending according to your plan. Do not spend money on unnecessary items or on things that you don’t need. It is time to save money as much as you can.

Finance Capricorn: It is time to save money as much as you can (Source: Getty Images)


You have worked very hard, and today you feel the need to relax. Do not tire yourself too much and undertake your favourite activities or hobbies. You must eat healthy to avoid complications in your stomach.


You are very kind, and people around you will realise this as soon as they talk to you. You will devote your time to make someone feel happy. Donate to a needy or sponsor a meal for a poor person today, without telling it to anyone.

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